Classroom Management

Whole Brain – Child Development

This highly-interactive workshop will explore the aspects of the brain dominance and how this affects individual behavior, thinking style preferences, how people prefer to give and receive feedback, how persons interact with others, and how they go about doing their day-to-day tasks. Workshop participants will develop their understand of how these concepts can be utilized to enhance instruction and classroom performance.


Classroom Management

This workshop will provide participants with tools and skills to identify and manage classroom disruptions before they start.  These classroom management strategies include Discipline with Dignity, Laws of Least Intervention, and Use of Humor.


Student Motivation/Developing Student Leaders

School districts across the country are investing heavily in trying to better prepare teachers and administrators on instruction. However, very few national programs focus on motivating the student, the topic of this workshop.


Creating A Positive School And Classroom Culture

This workshop will walk each participant through the three-step process of “Capture, Inspire and Teach,” and will help staff members identify their personal expectations and blend those with the school’s expectations.


Do You Know Enough About Me To Teach Me?

Schools are full of talented educators who possess degrees from impressive colleges and universities. That should give them the upper hand in dealing with today’s youth. Simply not so, say teachers who attend this workshop. Participants are offered an opportunity to affirm and validate the approaches and strategies they are already using, combined with an openness to accept the reality that today’s students need more.