Cultural Competency

Character, Culture, and the Curriculum Connection

We know that discrimination against anyone perceived as “different” presents issues that decrease productivity and negatively affect morale daily in the workplace, the classroom, and in almost every aspect of our society. This workshop takes the important step of addressing these issues in a sensitive, straightforward manner, in an atmosphere that encourages the free exchange of ideas.


Understanding, Reaching, and Teaching Today’s Students: Practical Classroom Strategies to Help Today’s Students

Almost all educators have read or heard about the concept of multiple learning styles or multi-intelligences. This workshop will improve their understanding of the concept and provide useful and practical classroom implementation strategies.


Establishing a Climate of Tolerance and Respect

This workshop will examine the role of students and school staff in creating schools that welcome and value diversity in the full range of human and/or organizational differences and similarities. Participants will explore the challenges and benefits that come about from diversity; issues that may surface in diverse work groups and organizations; and methods for handling/minimizing conflicts.