School Effectiveness

Getting on the Same Page: Building an Effective Team

This workshop will help the participants understand the importance of knowing how to build a team and how to get the team to perform at its optimum in a variety of situations.


Family-Friendly Schools

This session will examine the correlation between the school environment and parents’ desire to participate, and propose concrete solutions for change. It will also examine what’s happening in today’s homes and provide suggestions for parents on how to get the best out of their children.



“Empowerment” is one of the most misused terms in education. This workshop will permit each person to understand how they can empower themselves to improve their ability to work with their students and colleagues.


Resolving Conflict Without Confrontation

Anger is a natural emotion! This workshop identifies the sources of conflict and stresses that conflict need not result in violence, confrontation or discomfort.


Time Mastery

Getting the most from your time depends upon what you do, how you do it, and why you do it, with your mission and goals as your foundation.  Managing and handling your time will often make the difference between stressed and disorganized or effective and highly respected.


Making Your School a “Friendly School Environment”

All staff members represent the “face” of your school. This workshop provides customer-friendly training techniques to guide all school staff in handling increasingly complex internal and external relationships with professionalism, diplomacy, and caring.